How to Generate your EOS Fallback Keys Based on your Ethereum Address

Guide based and credited to the EOS Authority Fallback Guide

Who Needs a Fallback Key?

Are you among the few people that did not register your EOS? or Have you registered but the key was rejected? In these two cases, the fallback mechanism will apply. For the people who have registered correctly, these steps do not apply to you. You just have to use the Private Key associated with your EOS Public Key that you used for registration. To understand if you're able to recover your EOS account through the fallback method, we suggest to use the EOS Authority Registration Verification Tool

What To Do if My Address is Not Included in the Fallback?

Wait, you're dependent on the eosio.unregd contract that isn't live yet.

Why didn't fallback cover every wallet? A bit complicated. Ethereum public keys are only on-chain if an address has an outgoing transaction. Not all addresses have outgoing transactions.

How Do I Generate my Fallback Key? Easy 2 Minutes!


We recommend using Scatter. Scatter is a browser extension that securely connects to the EOS network. It is built and maintained by trusted community developers. An amazing tool!

  • Install Scatter. There is a Chrome extension and a Firefox addon.
  • Open up the scatter browser extension.
  • Setup a Scatter password, identify, etc.
  • Once you have Scatter setup, use the key pairs options, choose ETH in the dropdown, paste ETH Private key
  • Once you see your ETH Public key, just change the dropdown to EOS!
  • All done, what you see on screen is the EOS Private key for your fallback key

How do I get my ETH Private key?

To use the fallback you need to get hold of your Ethereum (ETH) Private key. An example of an Ethereum private key is e31d67e80a7d709baaef2d94cb520f2b90dc00ac4a09916fa4665712ba6ee179. An ETH Private key does not start with a 0x, it also should have fixed 64 characters. If you have an ETH Private key that looks the above, it should work correctly.

If you have a Ledger wallet and if your key is in it, Do you have access to the mnemonic words? You'll need to use a tool like to generate your ledger's ethereum private key. Be cautious and security aware when you do this (move funds to a new address first and at least go offline to use the tool). We don't endorse that tool. Essentially, you are trying to recreate your ETH Private key from the mnemonic phrases. Once you generate this, please remove the 0x before you put your keys in scatter.

If you are on an Exodus wallet. This might help you find your private keys. Exodus Private Keys

How Do I Use my Fallback Key?

Your fallback key works as any other EOS key. It is unique to your ethereum wallet. Having a fallback key lets you use EOS exactly like everyone else that has any other EOS public and private key pair. You just had to go through an additional step of generating your EOS key pair from Ethereum.

After you generate your fallback key, follow the Set up Scatter Guide and the How to Vote Guide using MyEOSKit. It will be a quick process as you already have Scatter installed. If the import works and you are able to complete the import, you have full access to the EOS on the mainnet.

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