How to Reset your EOS Keys

What are the Active and Owner Keys?

There are two different permissions on a EOS account:

  • Active Keys: These are the keys that you should use for your daily operations. This private key will allow you to:

    • Stake/Unstake
    • Transfer
    • Vote
    • Buy RAM
    • Change Active Keys

Active keys can't be used to change the Owner private keys. If the Active key has been compromised you can change it using your OWNER key.

  • Owner Keys: Owner keys will allow you to do anything that the Active keys do. But in addition to this, you will be able to change the account's Owner and Active keys.

Reset Owner Keys

Same process to be used with Active Keys

  • Head to MyEOSKit. Here you will click attach Scatter identity and select [youraccount@owner] to use in the right box of the scatter pop-up window. Then click accept.


  • Enter the new public key that you previously generated and labeled as Owner in the Owner Key field. Be very sure you are correct here. Check, double check, and triple check. This action cannot be undone and if you do it incorrectly you will not be able to recover this.

WARNING: If you are using this guide to reset the key pair you used to register your EOS during the ICO do not lose it! That key pair will be required to access any EOSIO network launched that honors the token distribution. If you are moving your tokens off of an exchange then, unfortunately, you will not be able to access future EOSIO networks that honor the ERC20 token distribution.



  • Click on the update auth button and approve the transaction with Scatter pop-up.

  • We will now verify the new Owner Key is set. In the upper right side of the MyEOSKit search your 12 character account name to pull up its information.


  • If the change in Owner Key was processed and submitted properly to the EOS blockchain you will now notice that your Active and Owner public keys are different from one another. You have now completed the process of changing the permission on the account. Do not enter your new Owner Key into Scatter or anywhere else. It should be kept offline and reset each time it's used. Please note that you should delete all Scatter identities created during this tutorial due to the Key Pair changes. You may recreate a Scatter identity following the same instructions in this guide using your Active Key.


Guide by EOS New York

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