How to Buy & Sell RAM

What Is RAM?

RAM is a resource that developers must purchase (with EOS tokens) to run applications on the blockchain platform. RAM is used to store data in an in-memory database. DApps will use RAM to store state information so it is quickly available to their application. Snapshot and common users have 8kb of RAM from the snapshot and this will be all they need. If you are a DAPP or you are creating accounts, then you'll need to purchase RAM.


Step By Step Guide

  • Open the “Buy & Sell RAM” page in the Account Tools section of MyEOSKit.

  • Attach your Scatter Identity

  • Once your account has been linked to MyEOSKit, you will be able to select wether you’d like to buy or sell RAM

  • The “payer account” will be automatically filled, while the “receiver account name” needs to be typed by the user. The receiver can be the same as the payer. But if the payer would like to buy RAM for an additional account, then it is possible to do so in this field.

  • You can select if as purchase units you’d like to use and insert the import

  • Once you decided how much you'd like to buy or sell you can now proceed with your transaction

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